Maintenance Storekeeper

Storing vital products with care

Storing vital products with care

Stores Management

  • Responsible for parts inventory management and maintain up-to-date materials module in CMMS.
  • Supervision physical issued/return of parts/consumables from/to stores and monitor accuracy of daily stock transaction.
  • Develop and maintain spare part management procedure in line with Vopak standard.
  • Determine stock replenishment method (min/max., reorder level, on demand), register new parts, and ensures the MSDS (whenever required) are updated.
  • Effectively plans storekeeping activities and coordinates with maintenance planner/scheduler/supervisors to support maintenance activities.
  • Initiates procurement requirements, in order to ensure that conditions are fulfilled to maintain the stock level and have the administrative/budget checks for the inventory management.
  • Identify, investigate and report stock variance, and check compliance of differences are in line with stock variance KPI's.
  • Accurately performs periodical physical inventory counts, update book stock, and provide KPI reports and trend analysis in relation to parts inventory management.
  • Ensures parts/consumables stored properly, in good condition, and provide aging/obsolete/deadstock inventory report (whenever present).

Workshop Management

  • Responsible for maintenance workshop management and maintain the life-cycle of tools stored in this workshop area.
  • General supervision of maintenance workshop activities and ensures an approved Job Safety Assessment or HIRA are in-place.
  • Plan and perform housekeeping in maintenance workshop/each stores and surrounding areas.
  • Actively participate in keeping the safe, healthy and secure work environment and also environmentally friendly.
  • Have safety talks in the field during SOR; directly take corrective actions if needed; make a clear report in Enablon.
  • Report unsafe acts, unsafe conditions, near misses, incidents and accident immediately and create a clear Enablon report with detailed description and pictures (if possible).
  • Approach colleagues, management, contractors and third parties and give feedback on their (safety) behavior.
  • Initiate and follow-up improvements in the area of SHEQ.
  • Correctly follow all procedures and instructions.


  • Diploma / Bachelor degree preferably with engineering background with minimum GPA 2.75 in scale of 4.00
  • Likely to have had a minimum of 1 year experience of working with materials used by oil & gas distribution/transmission utility is desirable.
  • Have knowledge of warehouse practices and procedures, including company stock classification catalogue, forms, equipment and shipping/receiving documents.
  • Possess basic mathematic skills and general knowledge of computer and PC based applications
  • Working knowledge of products, operation activity, SHE and equipment maintenance essential.
  • Ability to manage multiple party communications
  • Good communication in English.

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